Rain and sleet Thursday, light snow possible overnight in Houston area

Rain and sleet Thursday, light snow possible overnight in Houston area

Rain and sleet Thursday, light snow possible overnight in Houston area

Cold temperatures and periods of heavy rain will continue through early Saturday.

There is a slim chance part of Southeast Louisiana could see some snow flurries.

It is important to note that not everyone in the Winter Weather Advisory will see snow.

And... a Winter Storm Warning has been issued for parts of southwest Alabama and southeast MS, with 1 to 3 inches possible in the warning area.

Most likely, there will be a 30- to 40-mile-wide strip of heavier snow, and trying to identify that far in advance is very hard to do. However, if we do see some light accumulations in a few areas, there could be a dusting of light snow mainly on grassy surfaces and elevated areas, again mainly in the western and northern Midlands. Some areas will not have any snow accumulation at all. Air temperature will be in the upper 30s, so no icy travel is expected. It will take a lot to get the soil temperatures low enough to cause accumulations. "Black ice" issues will likely linger into Saturday morning. Expect snow to develop after 3 a.m. and continue through Friday morning.

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REMEMBER: With nearly every winter weather event in Alabama, there is a surprise or two.

ANOTHER SNOWMAGEDDON? No, because surface temperatures this time will be 10 to 15 degrees warmer.

This would be the first snow event of the winter season and it's only happening because of the cold front that moved through Wednesday morning.

A cold rain mixed with sleet pellets is expected during the day on Thursday, with temperatures staying in the 40s all day.

The cold air has arrived in central North Carolina and it is now looking a little more likely that some snow could fall later this week in central North Carolina. This is the show all about weather featuring many familiar voices, including meteorologists at ABC 33/40.

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