Square Enix: New Tomb Raider Game Is Officially In Development

Square Enix confirms new Tomb Raider in development

Square Enix: New Tomb Raider Game Is Officially In Development

There isn't too much to go on right now about the next game, title, but I'm at least excited that we'll get to know (hopefully soon) about what is next for Lara Croft.

An hour ago, the game's official Twitter account pinned a tweet detailing when fans could expect more news on the next installment in the franchise.

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics began their new Tomb Raider series in 2013 with the self-titled game. No name, no look at gameplay, no cinematic teaser - just the knowledge that it is in development, and that a "major event" will kick off the next adventure in 2018.

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There's now little detail beyond that, but the Tweet says they're taking "new approach" here, and it "won't be very long between the official reveal and when you can play".

Regardless, 2018 should be one heck of a year with a lot of big games scheduled to hit - a lot of which within the first few months. 'We simply can't wait to take you on Lara Croft's defining adventure'.

That's bound to be pretty exciting news for Tomb Raider fans who are excited to pick back up where Rise of the Tomb Raider left off.

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