THQ Nordic's New Survival Game Enters Early Access Next Week

Game studio Black Forest unveiled Fade to Silence as a new survival game where you battle monsters in very bad weather. There's a dynamic weather system that will challenge you to accurately read the weather patterns in order to determine when it's safe to go outside and scrounge for the resources you need.

THQ Nordic's reveal site still has a countdown running that will expire at the moment The Game Awards start, while gradually unblurring an image in the background of a desolate snowy world.

The latest game from THQ Nordic instantly had a Lovecraftian vibe with the tentacles and snow.

Check out some screenshots of Fade to Silence in the gallery below.

LNP claims victory in seat of Burdekin
The LNP will then hold its party room meeting on Tuesday to decide who will lead it from the Opposition benches for the next term. Treasurer Curtis Pitt is expected to be on the chopping block and could be offered the Speaker's role.

In Fade to Silence, players will assume the role of a man named Ash, "a natural but tormented leader".

Fade to Silence will be available for early access on Steam beginning December 14; the full version of the game is now targeting an August 2018 release for PC, PS4, Xbox One.

"Can you survive in an environment of unrelenting winter, fighting not only hunger and monsters, but also nature itself?" the game's official description asks. The idea is that you build a base and gradually upgrade it by going out and scavenging materials, all the while weighing the risks of exploring just one more nook while the threat of the world around you remains ever present.

As development continues, Black Forest Games promises "We are planning to regularly update the game content throughout Early Access, as well as features we believe will make the game even more enjoyable and richer". The Game Awards livestreams tonight at 5:30 PM PST.

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