Women may be better than men at battling the flu

Women may be better than men at battling the flu

Women may be better than men at battling the flu

What's more, some studies on a small group of humans revealed that cells from pre-menopausal women showed different immune responses to the type of virus behind the common cold to those of men of the same age - the difference was not seen when cells from men were compared to those of post-menopausal female peers.

Based on the existing research, Dr. Sue found the man flu label is "potentially unjust", naming several studies which suggest men may not be exaggerating their symptoms but rather have weaker immune responses than women. He also cited surveys that found men can take up to twice as long as women to recover from viral illnesses.

But what if society has been unfair toward men with man flu all along?

Man flu refers to the idea that men tend to overreact or exaggerate the severity of their symptoms when they have a minor cold from a flu infection.

Dr. Sue published his findings in the British Medical Journal. "This is shown in the fact that they [have] worse symptoms, they last longer, they are more likely to be hospitalized and more likely to die from it".

Further studies have suggested that men are more prone to acute respiratory illnesses, as well as being "more susceptible to complications" and having a higher mortality rate.

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In Australia, health experts said this year's flu shot was only 10 percent effective against the virus there.

The so-called "man flu" has been a punchline for decades, but according to one expert it may be time to stop taking it lightly.

"Tired of being accused of over-reacting, I searched the available evidence to determine whether men really experience worse symptoms and whether this could have any evolutionary basis".

"Since about half of the world's population is male, deeming male viral respiratory symptoms as "exaggerated" without rigorous scientific evidence could have important implications for men, including insufficient provision of care," Sue writes.

Given the added pressures of the patriarchal notions of masculinity, women eventually lash out at men, mocking their symptoms and dismissing them as fabrication.

"Testosterone is a hormone that actually acts as an immunosuppressant. In other words, be less functional". Rather, they may have a weaker immune system that simply makes them respond differently to the illness. And that men legitimately feel wars Diop then women do as a result when they get these strains of flu.

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