You can buy Xbox exclusive PUBG cosmetics before the game's even out

If they do manage to hit western devices, their popularity would soar, but perhaps that's all part of the strategy for now given PUBG's imminent release on Xbox One. Ahead of the game's launch, the team behind the gamer are showcasing what kinds of exclusive gear Xbox players will have access to.

"To obtain the loot from each supply crate, participants must keep an eye on the Xbox ANZ Facebook page for more details around the location and the password which will unlock the loot inside", Xbox Australia continued. Previously announced at Paris Games Week, these packs will offer exclusive cosmetic items for PUBG on Xbox One in limited time offerings. You know, aside from that epic "winner, winner, chicken dinner". There's 25 prizes up for grabs at each location and the whole hootnanny begins on Saturday, December 9.

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I feel like I shouldn't have to append this piece with a warning, but I also feel like Xbox Australia might have underestimated how fucking bonkers some of you PUBG fans are so, please, best behaviour okay?

The Xbox version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds launches next week, and console owners are excited to get their hands on it. Excitement intensified went it was reported in the magazine Games that developers had achieved a 60fps frame rate. Our advice would be not to take a frying pan with you if you're gunning for a prize this weekend.

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