A 146-inch television will soon be available for purchase

Antonio Villas-Boas  Business Insider

Antonio Villas-Boas Business Insider

Meanwhile Korean compatriot Samsung's 2018 QLED televisions will come with the Bixby Assistant built in, and access to Samsung's SmartThings platform.

The TV is "a milestone for the 8K era and underscores the exciting potential of OLED", In-Byung Kang, the LG Display chief technical officer said in a recital.

This allows MicroLED screens to be brighter than OLED, while also having a longer lifespan, without the worry of "burn in" (where the outline of a static image can remain on the screen when the image moves on). LG Displays sells the technology directly to display manufacturers - they will decide if they want to use it for their own products.

LG is claiming right now about its brand new television to be the world's first 88-inch, 8K, OLED display and was actually created as a design to show off what OLED technology is proficient of. What's more, an early report by CNET states that the seams between modules isn't visible, unlike other modular large form factor displays. LG is also upping the game with an 8K TV that automatically upgrades content to a higher resolution than the current 4K standard.

If you've recently purchased a 4K TV, you shouldn't feel too envious.

Antonio Villas-Boas  Business Insider
Antonio Villas-Boas Business Insider

It is worth noting here that originally showcased an early prototype of its rollable OLED display at CES 2016.

And of course there's barely that much 4K content available to consumers thus far, let alone 8K. The new chip provides seven times the colour reproduction over the 2017 model, and can now handle up to 120 frames per second, a significant improvement for gaming and sports viewing.

Here's a look at some of the flashiest TVs at CES this year. But there is a difference between the two strategies. While it might not necessarily be there quite yet, and I expect Samsung will be working out any possible kinks in the coming months, MicroLED tech is filled with potential. But, except for the fact that they offer a Windows 10 experience, the Mac continues to be on top of the food chain and companies continue to fight against it. Asus also launched the Lyra Voice which is an Alexa powered speaker and had the capability to find network issues in your home Wifi setup.

The author travelled to CES in Las Vegas as a guest of LG.

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