Akshay Kumar starrer 'PadMan' to have a special screening at Oxford University

Akshay Kumar will also be seen in'2.0 this year

Akshay Kumar will also be seen in'2.0 this year

Muruganantham is credited with making sanitary napkins accessible for women in the rural areas of India by inventing a low-priced pad-making machine.

Q: What made you want to do a film about such a taboo subject in India, especially in the rural areas? She earlier told Reuters, "I am hopeful that something that has been hidden in the darkness. will finally be in the spotlight so that a young girl can go up to her parents and say that she needs sanitary napkins over the ubiquitous fairness creams".

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The Oxford Union, which was foundedin 1832 has been inviting world leaders and influencers to discuss topics of importance over the years. It is inspired from the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham, a social activist from Tamil Nadu. There will be only one paid preview. This is a special month for the family as Twinkle Khanna is making her debut as producer. She further revealed that Akshay and her relationship actually started as a fling for 15 days but eventually resulted in 15 years of blissful marriage.

Pad Man is releasing in cinemas worldwide on 25th January, and will become the first Indian film to be showcased at The Oxford Union, presenting a milestone for Indian cinema. She is not the woman behind Pad Man she is the woman who leads Pad Man in the right direction. Long weekend dates are always desired and eyed by a lot of film makers and with the number of films being churned out; scenarios like these are bound to happen. We're talking about none other than Padman. I might be a reel hero but they are the real heroes. I sincerely hope both the films do well. The actor will be next seen in PadMan which will be followed by the release of Gold.

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