Amazon is bringing Alexa to your Toyota

Android Things assisting with AI at CES 2018

New Google Assistant directory helps you discover actions

The recent CES 2018 held in Las Vegas was mostly about Google Assistant powered speakers and headphones. Google Assistant will also add deeper integration into your smart home, so you can off the lights when you start watching a movie, for example. "By teaming up with Google and Amazon, we're providing families with a unique way to interact with their appliances to get chores done their way and on their time", Tayebi added.

Google has also made it clear that the device is not just a tablet with Google in-built. Since all of these hubs are using Google Assistant, they will need to work hard to stand out. You will soon be able to search for shows, change the channel and control playback just by talking to your phone or a smart speaker like the Google Home. While the company hasn't indicated a particular date, you can expect the firmware update in the next few months.

Furthermore, the smart displays are equipped with all the Google services' applications. It is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 624 SoC and comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support.

LG Display to start first OLED shipment for iPhone from H2
Samsung used to be a contender in this arena, as well, but the South Korean giant has since shifted its focus on QLED display. Even if you were to pick up LG's huge display for a not-so-insignificant price, you'll be upscaling 4K content at best.

LG's Smart Display is set to have an 8-inch touchscreen enabled panel (we don't know the resolution yet, but it's most likely HD). The new Lenovo's smart display uses the company's IoT platform. The 8-inch model is priced at $199 while the 10-inch will retail at $249 when it goes on sale in early summer.

Google's focus in 2018 will likely be the spread of Assistant to more home gadgets, mobile devices and vehicles, according to Google Assistant engineer and vice president Scott Huffman. One voice command and you'll have it right in front of you, via Google Maps. "Enabling instant access to Google services from the IVI provides new experiences for OEMs to deliver as they continue to seek new ways to connect drivers". We would get to see some more smart displays from various giants in the coming days.

Of course, this isn't the first assistant that DISH has integrated for its customers.

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