Apple Looking Into Making Smaller iPhone 'Notch' Area

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Apple Looking Into Making Smaller iPhone 'Notch' Area

Last year, Apple showed off the new iPhone X, a revolutionary smartphone with a completely revamped design. It appears that Apple is working on this for its 2019 iPhone.

The TrueDepth Camera is what enables Face ID, an advanced facial recognition system that is far more secure than similar biometric authentication systems on rival phones.

We are also expecting Apple to release a new iPhone SE this year, this device is expected to be released some time over the next few months. The tech giant is looking into ways to combine the front camera with the Face ID sensors. The RGB camera is not part of the Face ID setup.

However, some insiders said that although Face ID will be added to more Apple products during 2018, the smaller notch is not expected to be ready until 2019.

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The current iPhone X notch includes dedicated sensors such as the dot projector and flood illuminator for Face ID along with a regular RGB camera. A big chunk has been taken out of the middle of the screen along the top edge to make room for a speaker, a front-facing camera, and the sensor cluster Apple calls TrueDepth Camera.

Apple is working around the clock to make sure the dreaded notch found on the top of the iPhone X isn't present on the iPhone range that's set to be revealed in 2019, according to a new report. While Touch ID isn't coming back anytime soon and those new gestures are here to stay, it looks like we may have some good news regarding the iPhone X's notch.

Apple now uses the "ears" on either side of the sensor housing as the location for status bar items, but elements like battery percentage can't be shown and must be viewed in Control Center with a swipe down from the top right corner.

It is not exactly clear how Apple will be able to combine its facial recogntion technology and the front camera on the iPhone into one module.

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