Barry Bennell trial: Boys had 'untold rule not to report abuse'

Former Crewe Alexandra coach Barry Bennell carried out

Barry Bennell trial: Boys had 'untold rule not to report abuse'

Bennell, who turned 64 on Wednesday, denies 48 child sex offenses against 11 complainants between 1979 and 1990.

Mr Unsworth, who was also coached by Bennell at Crewe Alexandra, said the only times he had spoken about the details of the alleged abuse was on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, to the police and today.

"You would always do what he said".

Bennell would share his double bed with up to two boys at a time, turn off the lights and play music loudly, he said. He said the abuse would take place regularly after Bennell picked him up.

The footballer said to this day Cacharpaya by panpipes group Incantation "just sends chills down my spine".

However, he said none of the boys spoke out about what was happening, adding: "It was nearly like an untold rule, like "shut up". You knew but you didn't say anything. "We didn't want to spoil our chances. he had a big power hold over us with that, which was pretty horrific".

A transcript of a police interview with Mr Bennell in February previous year was read to the court, which included a denial that he had abused Mr Unsworth.

Complainants also alleged being abused in his auto on the way to and from training and on football tours.

"I think he [the boy] hit him", he said.

He said Mr Bennell's interest in him eventually "fizzled out", adding: "As soon as you started turning up with pubic hair you were past your sell-by date and you were gone".

"I just thought it was normal, this is what you have to do", he added. "One, they wouldn't believe you and, two, I'm going to jeopardise where I want to get to in professional football".

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Bennell was also alleged to have put bank notes in his briefs to entice boys.

According to Sky News, the jury was shown a television interview in which former footballer Andy Woodward spoke up about being abused.

Defending Mr Bennell, Eleanor Laws QC, questioned whether Mr Unsworth had discussed seeking financial compensation with a solicitor or other alleged victims.

He said: "All I want is protection for my children, my grandchildren, the jury's children, so they are safe in society playing a sport".

The horror films, Unsworth said, worked for Bennell because "you'd be frightened and probably move up close to him so he could hug you".

Giving evidence at Liverpool Crown Court, the man said he was scouted by Mr Bennell, now known as Richard Jones, and abused at his home and at Butlins.

The man told the court he then made contact with Woodward.

He said he remembered the complainant was "nice looking", but said he was not one of the boys he had abused.

Before the trial, he admitted seven charges of indecent assault committed between 1981 and 1991, relating to three boys aged between 11 and 14.

He told police: "I would look out for lads that were possible victims".

They heard that, if he gave evidence during the trial, he would be present in court.

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