Battle Royale Mode to be Update with More Points of Interest

Battle Royale Mode to be Update with More Points of Interest

Battle Royale Mode to be Update with More Points of Interest

Epic Games' representative Erik Williamson shared some information about the upcoming Fortnite Battle Royale Map Update which will bring new areas to the original map as well as different biomes.

They previously thought it was light on points of interest and wanted to make more interesting areas for players to drop into all over the map.

According to Williamson, the Fortnite Battle Royale Map Update must happen since the island on which the 100 players are competing seems to have fewer points of interest in certain places than it should, especially around the western side of the map. Cities will be more cramped, swamps will be swampier and mountainous areas will have rougher terrain.

Epic Games is also doubling down on themes for different regions of the map, explaining that the map will now be divided into different biomes, each with its own unique personality.

General quality of life tweaks.

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"With the end of the holiday event we're going to be removing the Christmas trees and the treasure chests that spawn next to them", Epic's Eric Williamson says in the video. The map is getting new spots to shake things up on the current map.

Battle Royale will get its first major update of 2018 next week.

With smaller additions of guns, items, and special modes coinciding with these weekly updates, the game has received a steady stream of content since its release.

You can check out the full vlog below or head to the Fortnite site.

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