Boeing's New Prototype Cargo Drone Can Carry up to 500 Pounds

Boeing's New Prototype Cargo Drone Can Carry up to 500 Pounds

Boeing's New Prototype Cargo Drone Can Carry up to 500 Pounds

The project comes from Boeing's HorizonX division and doesn't have a slick code name yet beyond eVTOL CAV (electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing cargo aerial vehicle).

In October, a Seattle-area startup-backed by the venture capital arms of Boeing and -announced plans to bring a small hybrid-electric commuter aircraft to market by 2022. While Boeing have provided the size and weight of the drone, other data, such as, official flight capabilities including range or speed has not been released. Boeing HorizonX, with its partners in Boeing Research & Technology, led the development of the CAV prototype, which complements the eVTOL passenger air vehicle prototype aircraft in development by Aurora Flight Sciences, a company acquired by Boeing late a year ago. Boeing, however, just revealed a new cargo drone that's capable of lifting 500 pounds. "We'll look back on this day as a major step in that journey".

On Wednesday January 10 Boeing tweeted out a video of its newest autonomous air vehicle. This could include oil rig and ship resupply, port operations, mining, construction, and logistics companies that move goods between distribution centers. However, that's not too unsurprising, given it's unlikely Boeing will mass produce this particular drone. "Boeing has an unmatched track record, regulatory know-how and systematic approach to deliver solutions that will shape the future of autonomous flight".

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Aurora Flight Sciences is an aviation and aeronautics research company, which partnered with Uber to develop a network of "flying taxis".

The drone's eight propeller vertical-liftoff "quadcopter" design has range limitations that exclude the sort of airfreight that Air Cargo World mostly covers - conventional air freight - instead placing it in the shorter-range last-mile or perhaps short-distance deliveries between clustered DCs.

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