Camila Cabello's Debut Album 'Camila' Breaks Major iTunes Record in 24 Hours

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In a new interview with New York Times, Camila opened up about how her 2015 solo single with Shawn Mendes, "I Know What You Did Last Summer", was the beginning of the end.

Camila claims the solo project caused tension in the group and when she asked to help write lyrics for Fifth Harmony songs after that, she was rebuffed. "I just felt very alive".

"I just think she's going to have an fantastic year, cause she's ... just so much fun", Elton said.

On Friday morning, Camila Cabello stopped by Good Morning America to perform a track from her recently released LP, Camila. An 11-track LP which boasts of some of her most stellar works till date, the eponymous debut effort also features co-production from Skrillex on 'She Loves Control'.

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In December 2016, Fifth Harmony issued a statement announcing Cabello's departure, saying that she had suddenly and unexpectedly left the band. Eventually, she was given an ultimatum: she can not make a solo album while, at the same, time performing with the group.

Shortly after midnight when it was released, Camila became the first debut album by a female artist to ever reach #1 on iTunes in 80 countries.

With several hit songs, Cabello certainly made the right decision to go solo.

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