China 'not expected' to attend North Korea summit in Vancouver

Nuclear war warning signs between China and The US

GETTYChina WW3 warning to Trump Asia experts say nuclear war warning signs happening

In response to North Korean ballistic missile and nuclear weapons testing, such as the launches of three intercontinental ballistic missiles and the detonation of a staged thermonuclear bomb created to level cities, the U.N. Security Council has imposed tough sanctions on the rogue regime.

Japan has also reportedly criticized the meeting.

It followed an announcement by the Chinese government that its imports from the North shrank 33 percent in 2017 from the previous year to 1.72 billion dollars. The U.S. sees cutting off North Korea's economic ties with China - the country's dominant trading partner - as essential to forcing Kim back to the negotiating table. According to a Russian expert, who visited Pyongyang recently and spoken to senior North Korean figures, the overall mood at the Kim Jong-un regime suggests there is no doubt on whether a full-fledged conflict will break out.

The Trump administration is "pleased that China is sharply reducing its trade with North Korea", the White House said Friday in an official statement.

"Canada recognizes the essential role that China has to play in any diplomatic efforts in support of security and stability on the Korean Peninsula", department spokeswoman Amy Mills said in an emailed statement Wednesday evening.

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Brian Hook, the State Department's policy director, said that the US believes that its diplomatic pressure campaign is the best way to force North Korea to the negotiating table, and that maritime interdiction will help to crack down on smuggling and sanctions-busting.

North Korea and South Korea engaged with each other for the first time in two years Tuesday, meeting on the topic of the Winter Olympics being held in the south next month.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will head to Canada next week to co-host a meeting of high-level global diplomats focused on expressing solidarity against 's ongoing nuclear weapons and ballistic missile provocations.

Following the first intra-Korean talks, the two sides had agreed to hold talks on January 20, hosted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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