Confirmed: February's PlayStation Plus Games Are Knack And Rime

Confirmed: February's PlayStation Plus Games Are Knack And Rime

Confirmed: February's PlayStation Plus Games Are Knack And Rime

Sony has announced the free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers for February.

If you're a sucker for vibrant worlds, chances are either title above will satisfy you during the short month that is February. None of these games are what was rumored a week or two ago. It hasn't even been a year since Rime launched, but we're also getting Tequila Works' charming game. Your quest is to explore the island, reach the towers peak, and unlock the mysteries inside.

Seriously though, Knack isn't the only game that can be downloaded at no additional cost next Tuesday. Take control of Knack and his signature size-shifting abilities to protect the world from a unsafe threat - the invading Goblin Army. Use Knack's size shifting ability and weird fantastic powers to keep the world safe. Spelunker HD is a remake of the 1983 classic Spelunker. Knack seems to be finally making its entry into the PS+ monthly games lineup this month along with RIME. Collect items such as bombs and keys to aid you in your quest deep under the earth's surface. In a style of Japanese Anime, you are out to stop an ancient threat that has recently awakened.

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For February, PlayStation 4 owners will get access to Knack and Rime for free, while PlayStation 3 owners can play Spelunker HD and Mugen Souls Z. Lastly, PS Vita owners can try out Exile's End and Grand Kingdom, both of which are available on PS4 through Cross-Buy. Exile's End is an exploration side scrolling action game where you play as Jameson, who is tasked with finding a powerful scion that has escaped to an alien world.

Last but certainly not least, PSVR owners get a complementary title in the form of StarBlood Arena.

The February titles might be over a week away from release, but players can still grab the PS Plus January 2018 free games lineup in the meantime. It's an arena combat game that's meant for play with PlayStation VR and created entirely for VR at that.

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