Detective Pikachu is on the case, coming March 2018

Detective Pikachu is on the case, coming March 2018

Detective Pikachu is on the case, coming March 2018

At just under 14 centimeters tall, it's nearly double the size of the Super Smash Bros.-edition Pikachu Amiibo.

The move marks another step in the recent resurgence of Pokemon that began with Pokemon Go's release in 2016.

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have announced that Detective Pikachu will finally make its way to North America in 2018.

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Detective Pikachu features everybody's favourite electrical mouse walking the streets of Ryme City solving mysteries. This coffee-slurping, gun-shooting version of Pikachu is helping a boy named Tim find his father. Perhaps it's no surprise the game which inspired the film is finally being released in the West. If we have to put up with a Detective Pikachu movie starring Ryan Reynolds, we should have the game, at the very least. The little yellow blighter's comical adventure game will arrive in the west complete with a larger-than-life Amiibo to boot. This extra-large amiibo can unlock cutscenes if tapped in the Detective Pikachu game, revealing a combination of hilarious content that might also provide a hint. You'll have to "talk to witnesses, hunt for clues, and uncover the secrets of Ryme City".

Great Detective Pikachu might be one of the strangest upcoming releases on any Nintendo platform. Still, that won't keep me from pushing hard for Detective Pikachu in the next Smash Bros. With his "A bolt of brilliance!" catchphrase, he'll let you know when he's learned enough to advance the case.

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