Dog Treks Nearly 40 Miles Searching For Owners Who Gave Her Up

Cathleen is waiting for Alicia to come pick her

Cathleen is waiting for Alicia to come pick her

She's now at an animal shelter closer to her previous home until a new forever home is found.

Dogs love their owners unconditionally, even after being abandoned.

Now, the shelter is hoping to find someone to take her in.

The Seminole Humane Society wrote on Facebook that the owners of Cathleen, a six-year-old Great Pyrenees mix, moved into a house in Seminole, Oklahoma, without a fenced yard several months ago, so her owners gave her to someone 20 miles away in Prague.

Seminole Animal Shelter Treasurer Marta Mattingly said they want to be "very careful" finding Cathleen a new home. However, Cathleen was having none of this.

An abandoned dog walked 20 miles looking for the family that moved away and left her behind. She did it twice. Cathleen missed her family so much that she made the trek twice.

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It shouldn't be long before Cathleen finds another loving forever home, however, as the shelter said many people have turned in applications to adopt her, and staff members are working diligently to get her paired with the ideal fit.

"She's very sweet. Very calm and docile and friendly".

"Her heart wants to be with them, but they can not keep her", the humane society posted on Facebook.

'Cathleen is precious and her original family loved her very much.

When the story made it to Twitter, it made many users there sad that the family gave her up.

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