Download Windows 7 KB4073578 to fix unbootable state in AMD PCs

Download Windows 7 KB4073578 to fix unbootable state in AMD PCs

Download Windows 7 KB4073578 to fix unbootable state in AMD PCs

More precisely, Windows 7 KB4073578 and Windows 8.1 KB4073576 fix the issue where AMD devices fall into an unbootable state.

Apple is facing legal action over the hardware vulnerabilities Meltdown and Spectre, in addition to lawsuits over the slowing iPhone scandal.

"ARM Holdings PLC, the company that licenses the ARM architecture to Apple, admits that it was notified of the Security Vulnerabilities in June 2017 by Google's Project Zero and that it immediately notified its architecture licensees (presumably, including Apple) who create their own processor designs of the Security Vulnerabilities", says the lawsuit issued by Anthony Bartling and Jacqueline Olson in a U.S. district court in San Jose. On the support page, Microsoft has only stated that the update fixes the unbootable state in AMD devices.

But while there are official fixes available, scammers have been trying to take advantage of the rush from consumers to fix the security flaws. Microsoft says the bug that was causing the Meltdown and Spectre patches installation error on AMD computers has been fixed.

"Post-infection traffic shows the malicious file attempting to connect to various domains and sending encrypted information", wrote Segura.

The scam initially targeted Windows 10 users in Germany and displayed a website that mimicked the design of a German government website.

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Segura added: "Online criminals are notorious for taking advantage of publicised events and rapidly exploiting them, typically via phishing campaigns. This particular one is interesting because people were told to apply a patch, which is exactly what the crooks are offering under disguise", he said.

It's important to note so far no data breaches have been reported.

IBM has seen a number of class-action lawsuits because of the vulnerabilities. Are you able to update your PC? In such cases, he said, organisations should always verify information via other online resources first.

"Also, remember that sites using HTTPS aren't necessarily trustworthy".

When the vulnerability was discovered, AMD issued a statement saying that although their chips were vulnerable to one variant of Spectre, "Due to differences in AMD's architecture, we believe there is a near zero risk to AMD processors at this time".

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