Fixes on the Way for Serious Chip Security Flaws: Intel CEO

Above Intel's latest big data stats at CES

Above Intel's latest big data stats at CES

"There's quite a bit more work required than just this chip, but this is a major breakthrough in quantum computing".

Looking at AI's future, Krzanich announced a partnership with Ferrari North America to use Intel's AI technologies to apply data from the racetrack to enhance the experience for fans and drivers.

The digitisation of almost everything is creating an explosion of both structured and unstructured data as well as the desire to collect, analyze and act on it.

"This announcement differs substantively from IBM's in that IBM is both the fabricator and operator of their processor, and the IBM system has already been demonstrated as functional - coherence times were published at a conference recently", University of Sydney Professor of Quantum Physics and Quantum Technology Michael Biercuk explained to Computerworld. The Intel/Mobileye platform consists of two Mobileye EyeQ5 chips (one for vision processing, the other for fusion/planning) and Intel's 8-core Atom processor, previously known as Denverton. Multiple gold connectors are required to control and operate each qubit.

While there is no timeline details on the quantum chip - codenamed Tangle Lake - Krzanich was clear that this nascent technology could one day help solve the biggest problems humanity faces, taking minutes to solve problems that our current supercomputers take months or years to calculate, including drug development and climate modelling.

Intel Studios, as the new facilities are called, will feature a dome-shaped, 10,000-square foot volumetric video capture stage, the world's largest, according to Mr. Krzanich.

A first 49-qubit prototype.

"We expect to solve key technical challenges that must be overcome to move quantum computing forward", Krzanich added.

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"In the quest to deliver a commercially viable quantum computing system, it's anyone's game", Mike Mayberry, corporate vice president and managing director of Intel Labs, said in a statement.

Intel also unveiled its new generation of Wifi chips that enable surfing at 40 percent higher speeds.

He was joined on stage by an autonomous auto carrying Amnon Shashua, the chief executive office of Mobileye, Intel's driverless technology unit. During a CES tech show in Las Vegas, on January 8th, he has declared that to transform their ideas into reality.

Aside from obtaining a Guinness World Records title for most unmanned vehicles airborne simultaneously from a single computer indoors, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich's keynote speech included a discussion for what's next in the data revolution.

Loihi is Intel's first "neuromorphic" chip - meaning, it can mimic the way a human brain learns and understands. The company declined to make Mr. Krzanich available for an interview.

Shares of Intel (INTC), which closed Monday at $44.74, losing 4.5% in the week, have been under heavy selling pressure ever since reports of a security vulnerability with its CPU chips.

The incredible technology developed by Intel can possible people immersion inside a TV, helping them, have a different entertainment experience.

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