Florida House passes plan to bar 'sanctuary cities'

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran R Land O'Lakes

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran R Land O'Lakes

Democrats and immigration advocates say the bill could lead to racial profiling and would force local police officers to get proof of immigration status from everyone they arrest. It would impose fines of up to $5,000 a day on local governments that refuse to cooperate with immigration detainers.

It was one of more than a dozen major bills passed by the House on Friday, signaling Corcoran will make good on his promise to pass "transformational" legislation this year.

Debate in the House centered around recent comments reportedly made by President Donald Trump about Haiti and African nations at a meeting with lawmakers Thursday.

Surrounded by House Democrats, Representative Al Jacquet made an impassioned plea for Republicans to consider possible unintended consequences.

Republicans, however, repeatedly returned to the idea that Florida should uphold the rule of law and drew a distinction between legal immigration and illegal immigration.

Passing the legislation was a top priority for House Speaker Richard Corcoran, R-Land O'Lakes, who said the bill was a way for lawmakers to protect Floridians against "dangerous policies in sanctuary cities".

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"The one thing that must remain consistent is the rule of law", Donalds said.

During Friday's debate on the sanctuary bill, Corcoran and his leadership team released the following comment regarding Trump's reported comments.

"If the remarks attributed to President Trump are accurate, they have no place in our public discourse", the statement said.

The measure would require state or local governments or law enforcement agencies to comply with federal immigration laws. "America's greatness is self-evident, we do not need to tear down other nations".

This is the third year in a row that the House has passed the legislation.

The bill has been passed the House before, but the Senate has never given it a hearing. "This is about lawful immigration and the rule of law". Anti-immigration activists and President Donald Trump have blamed sanctuary policies for her death because she was allegedly shot by an undocumented immigrant who had previously been deported. "The sanctuary policy. I said I never want to see this happen in the state of Florida", Metz said during his closing comments on the bill.

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