France demands United Nations protection for baguette

Zidane and Real Madrid under fire after'inexplicable defeat

Zidane and Real Madrid under fire after'inexplicable defeat

Baguettes have an important role in French life.

He said there are now 33,000 artisan bakeries across the country which employ 180,000 people.

The traditional baguette is already protected in France under a 1993 law which stipulates that it can be made from only four ingredients: wheat flour, water, yeast and salt.

Now, with Mr Macron's declared support, the bid for UNESCO status is likely to begin in earnest.

The iconic French bread should be recognized by UNESCO as one of the world's cultural treasures and listed as "intangible heritage", France's President Emmanuel Macron said Friday.

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It took nearly a decade for Naples's pizzas to be recognised.

"I know our bakers, they saw the Neapolitans succeed in getting their pizza classified under UNESCO world heritage and they said 'Why not the baguette?' and they're right!".

UNESCO's two intangible world heritage lists, which are different from the agency's well-known list of world heritage sites, were established 10 years ago with the aim of preserving cultural traditions, skills and languages.

President Macron told French radio that "excellence and expertise must be preserved, and that is why it should be heritage-listed" after hosting a group of master bakers at the Elysée Palace in Paris. Macron said. The French leader noted that eating the world-famous bread remains "a morning, midday and evening tradition for the French". It can not be frozen or contain preservatives.

If the French government's quest proves successful, then baguette-making is poised to join the list of some 470 activities protected by the UNESCO, among them Kyrgyzstan's game of dead goat polo, Dutch windmills, Belgium's beer culture and Germany's organ craftsmanship. The latter focuses on the rituals that accompany the meal, from the wines paired with specific dishes to ho the table tis dressed.

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