Georgian President saddened by deadly bus fire in Kazakhstan

Georgian President saddened by deadly bus fire in Kazakhstan

Georgian President saddened by deadly bus fire in Kazakhstan

Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan sent a condolence message to Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov on the deadly passenger bus fire in Aktyubinsk region of Kazakhstan, which claimed the lives of several citizens of Uzbekisatn, the government's press office reported.

"Five passengers managed to escape with injuries".

The fire broke out in a 29-year-old German-built Setra bus that did not have a licence to transport passengers and whose technical safety certificate had run out in 2016, said the ministry, which is also responsible for transport and roads.

All those who died were Uzbek nationals while the five survivors were Uzbeks and Kazakhs, the Kazakh ministry for investments and development said in a statement on Facebook.

Horrific news regarding the bus fire in #Kazakhstan.

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The cause of the fire wasn't immediately clear but investigators suspect it was triggered by a short circuit.

A photograph posted online showed the bus had been completely burnt out.

The bus is believed to have been transporting the passengers along the 1,300 mile long Samara-Shymkent route, which is used by Uzbek construction workers to travel to and from building sites in Russian Federation, the BBC said.

The list contains the names of 29 men who were killed and two Uzbek passengers who survived. Video footage from the scene showed the bus in flames and emitting heavy black smoke.It was positioned diagonally across a two-lane freeway in the middle of a snow-covered steppe.

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