Google Duo Spotted Working on Android Smartphones Without the App Installed

Google Duo now lets you call Android contacts without the app

Google Duo Spotted Working on Android Smartphones Without the App Installed

Once a call is ended, non-Duo users will see a notification prompt inviting them to download Duo for future use as well as a small notification that will allow users to block the caller from making future calls. Google has not confirmed whether it will soon add Duo app into the Play Services, though there is indication this might take place. People who don't have Duo installed on their Android smartphone experience calls just like Duo users: All the features of a normal video call and audio call such as Knock Knock, mic muting, and camera switching are present on and accounted for on the App Preview version of Duo. Phone contacts that can receive Duo calls will now appear in your Duo contacts list without an invite symbol next to them.

And in case a user hits a button to navigate away while the Duo call is connected, similar to how a full-fledged app functionality would allow you, it will show you a persistent notification icon that can bring the call back into view, at any point.

According to a report, Google Allo supports App Preview Messaging since launch with a different UI.

Its worth telling you that Google has updated its DUO with many useful features. It was first spotted by a Reddit user.

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The folks at Android Police recently did some digging around, and it looks like Google actually has a solution for this.

Others who have commented on the thread said they too have noticed Duo calls pop-up straight in the dialer itself.

It looks like Google might just make Duo, the default video calling option on Android if it does get officially integrated into Play Services.

The ability to make Duo calls to people without it installed on their end should make it more accessible and reduce the complaints that "none of my friends use it".

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