Helen Mirren doesn't want to be remembered as The Queen

Helen Mirren

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The 72-year-old actress and the 82-year-old actor were joined at the event by their director Paolo Virzi, as well as Olivia Palermo who stepped out to show her support.

Ellen being Ellen, she couldn't let the Winchester actress get too excited about her youth, teasing that "Although it does seem like you're aging, you don't know your age". "I think it was the night the Golden Globes grew up in a sense". Because we thought we were 74 and then we we worked it out and no, we're 73. I'm 72? This is fantastic! I sent her an email congratulating her.

The young Brit made the announcement at the end of a year ago, revealing her successor will be "really exciting and great and unbelievable".

Dark Souls Remastered will not be using new assets
The price is definitely steep, but it is packed with collectibles for the biggest " Dark Souls " fans out there. When first released on PC, Dark Souls was just a port of the console version due to being rushed upon release.

It turns out Dame Helen Mirren is even younger than she thought she was.

'I was at an awards thing or something and William was presenting and he knew I was in the room and he said, "I've got to be really, really good because my granny's in the house".

'I see myself stopping, not working, nearly every morning, ' she replied adding she never wanted to go to a party, go out to dinner or even do Ellen. She says, "Are you sure?"

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