Hyperkin teases Ultra Game Boy, will cost $100

Hyperkin teases Ultra Game Boy, will cost $100

Hyperkin teases Ultra Game Boy, will cost $100

Hyperkin, a peripherals company has revealed a remake of the 28-year-old Game Boy this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Temporarily called the Ultra Game Boy while it's still in development, the name is actually a flawless description of Hyperkin's hardware, which improves on Nintendo's original Game Boy in countless ways, without affecting the classic gameplay many of us remember.

Hyperkin's awesomely-styled Ultra Game Boy rocks textured aluminum versus the plastic of the 90s, and it even rocks a backlit screen.

Not much has changed - in a good way - but I really liked the idea (and feel) of a metal Game Boy.

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The sepia-toned portable games console, the Game Boy looks to be making a reappearance in 2018. That backlight can also be turned off, if you want an authentic and annoying true Game Boy experience, or can be set to that greenish tint you might remember. All of your classic Game Boy games will be compatible. Of course, classic Game Boy carts only use mono sound, but the updated sound system will allow musicians to more easily use the Ultra Game Boy to create chiptunes.

Who will be the first to put a Game Boy back in everyone's hands? Today the word comes down that Hyperkin Is Working On A Game Boy Reboot.

Hyperkin is planning to launch the Ultra Game Boy (definitely not its final name) before the end of the summer for a price point under $100. That could make it less appealing to some, but it won't be stopping me from rekindling my love with my original gaming obsession.

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