IPhone Rumors: Apple Is Doing Something About That Notch

IPhone Rumors: Apple Is Doing Something About That Notch

IPhone Rumors: Apple Is Doing Something About That Notch

Barely into 2018 and there are already speculations about what Apple is working on for 2019. Irrespective of the consumer opinion, Apple could not completely ditch the notch because it houses some critical components including the ear speaker, TrueDepth camera system, front camera and other sensors. It works by using an infrared dot projector to beam 30,000 invisible dots onto the user's face, and then a special camera reads the dots and matches the resulting data to the phone's saved face profile. Before the launch of iPhone X, it was expecting that this flagship by Apple will rock the smartphone industry.

According to industries, it is heard that Apple is planning to strengthen face sensing function starting from 2019 models. So when users watch a video or play games, the notch gets in the way.

Korean publication ETNews reports that the 2019 iPhones will not be all that notchy. According to the report, Apple could combine the Face ID sensors and the RGB camera into a single module to shrink the size of the notch. These models should retain the look of the notch found on the 2017 iPhone X.

"We believe that LG Innotek is planning to make investments in order to construct new production lines for face recognition modules that will be supplied to Apple." said a representative for a Smartphone parts manufacturer. The screen reaches just as far at the top of the phone as well, but only on the sides.

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Do you want to see Apple reduce the size of the notch on future iPhones? But it doesn't have enough space to show the battery percentage. That's the amount of money that LG Innotek is investing into its facilities, the same facilities that make Apple's 3D sensing technology, in other words, Face ID.

The idea is that by pairing the Face ID system - which lets you unlock the phone with your face - with the existing selfie camera, Apple could save space.

"This investment is for camera modules of mobile devices and businesses for new modules", says the company.

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