IPhone Update Will Allow Users To Stop Battery Slowdown, Tim Cook Says

The next iPhone iOS update will give users the option to decide for themselves if they'd like their iPhones to slow down and save battery life

IPhone Update Will Allow Users To Stop Battery Slowdown, Tim Cook Says

Apple said it would focus on three areas: direct employment by Apple; spending and investment with its domestic suppliers and manufacturers; and fueling the fast-growing app economy that it's created with the iPhone and its App Store.

A few weeks back, giant Apple has apologised for slowing down the performance of older iPhones and promised to slash the cost of replacement batteries as one of a number of measures "to recognise their (customers') loyalty and to regain the trust of anyone who may have doubted Apple's intentions".

Both the South Korean complaint and the Italian investigation stem from the belief that Apple purposely slowed down the iPhones to pressure consumers to upgrade, known as planned obsolescence. Nevertheless, with the advent of iOS 11.3, users will be able to use their devices to their fullest capacity. Senator John Thune, R-South Dakota, sent Apple CEO Tim Cook a letter with questions about Apple's slowdown feature and its transparency, and requested answers by January 23.

"And so, we deeply apologize for anybody that thinks we had some other kind of motivation", he added. It said that the technology company has conducted "destruction of property" and "fraud".

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Soon after that, Apple confirmed that the slowdown is a feature introduced in iOS via an update in early 2017 that was supposed to fix unexpected iPhone shutdowns and reboots. Cook criticised the Obama-era tax plans saying that he "never thought" that the old tax system was "good for the United States".

Late last month, Apple apologized for quietly using software smuggled into certain iPhone models which throttled the CPU of these handsets. CEO Tim Cook has now addressed the subject in an interview with ABC News, denying that the feature was completely hidden but admitting it could have done more to inform users about what was going on.

The firm has already reduced the price of any out-of-warranty iPhone 6 or later battery replacements, by more than half.

The company's policy of selling replacement batteries for $79 and a lack of transparency regarding the matter made it difficult-if not impossible-for users to know why their phones were performing poorly. "This hasn't been done before".

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