Kentucky's Republican House speaker resigns leadership post

Kentucky's Republican House speaker resigns leadership post

Kentucky's Republican House speaker resigns leadership post

On Monday, Hoover delivered a blistering speech on the House floor, accusing Gov. Matt Bevin and eight Republican lawmakers of seeking to have him expelled, and others of spreading "lies from hell", referring to details surrounding a sexual harassment complaint filed by a staffer last fall.

"I laid on my couch day after day after day in the fetal position", he said. I went into depression.

An investigatory committee is now meeting daily to discuss the Hoover allegations.

So far in the Hoover saga, three investigations have been launched: the first when the Republican House leadership hired a Louisville law firm for $50,000 to investigate; the second when, after the law firm produced little illumination, House Republican leaders asked the Legislative Ethics Commission to investigate; and the third a special, bipartisan committee formed this month by the House to investigate the charges. Johnson was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound a day after he denied the report in a Facebook post.

Hoover's resignation was received by the Clerk of the House without objection. "That's pretty straightforward. I think pretty much 99 out of 100 people in Kentucky would agree that's not appropriate". "And he appears to be wanting to take the focus off the initial act, which he describes as a mistake", Lee told the Associated Press. "There was a settlement and a confidentiality agreement that a lot of people characterize as a cover-up".

Without naming them, Hoover said two House staff employees had supplied information to news media, including telling one reporter Hoover had sex with the aide who made the sexual harassment claims, while he has "solid, credible evidence" another "plotted, planned and schemed this entire situation" because he was passed over for a staff position. The Courier-Journal revealed the settlement later that week.

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"I will be back here tomorrow to continue fighting for the people I represent", said Hoover, adding that he would also fight for "legislative independence, which we are dangerously close to losing". "For my eyes only".

Hoover said his behavior was not "unwelcome" by the woman, but he agreed to pay her an undisclosed financial settlement after her attorney sent him a letter claiming sexual harassment.

In his remarks Monday, Hoover claimed Bevin had defamed him by suggesting he had sexual contact with the staffer. He continued Tuesday, proposing sanctions against lawmakers who unsuccessfully attempt to have other members removed from office.

Hoover also made note of people he thought had wronged him in the months since the scandal.

Rep. Hoover was back at work on Tuesday, and made waves by forcing a vote on a potential House rule-change that could make it more hard for lawmakers to discipline each other. He will preside over the House until the end of the year.

"This has been a very hard and emotional time for all concerned".

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