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Fried chicken chain KFC Canada is accepting bitcoin - for a limited time and for a cryptocurrency-themed bucket of chicken, that is. At the same time, KFC will also place a Facebook-based live tracker of the bucket's price corresponding to the bitcoin-dollar exchange rate.

The Bitcoin Bucket contains 10 chicken tenders, waffle fries, a medium side, gravy and two dips.

Currently, the Bitcoin Bucket is sold out (unfortunately). Seems the Far North contingent of the Colonel's original recipe restaurants are now offering The Bitcoin Bucke LTO. "So, trade your Bitcoins for buckets and invest in something finger lickin' good".

KFC Canada has said that it doesn't intend to integrate bitcoin as a permanent and long-term payment method for now.

After the reveal of the Bitcoin Bucket, you can now use your Bitcoin at KFC. Instead, you have to pay KFC in Bitcoin via BitPay through an online checkout page. The Bitcoin Bucket will be delivered directly to the customer's address stated during the check-out process on its website.

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While the actual Bitcoin at KFC price changes in realtime to match a standard price of $20, it may not be the best choice to use this payment method for reasons other than the high fees.

While the move is appreciated, such a step will most likely not percolate across the globe at KFC outlets and neither will it be replicated by other major such fast food retailers.

But this Canadian social media LTO promotion was aimed squarely at marketing the chain, rather than making money directly from bitcoin transactions. KFC Canada, upon being asked why they are accepting Bitcoins and not something which is less volatile showed their amusing side and commented, "more exciting".

In recent months the bitcoin network has become almost unusable for day-to-day commerce and small transactions.

According to the data from CoinMarketCap, now Bitcoin price makes up $13637. The gate for rival cryptocurrencies that include bitcoin cash, litecoin, ethereum and ripple was opened.

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