Man's epic search for Claudia after accidentally swiping left on Tinder

Don't make this rookie Tinder mistake

Don't make this rookie Tinder mistake Getty

"This guy literally emailed every Claudia at Missouri State to find me on Tinder", she wrote alongside the snaps.

He was looking for a girl named Claudia, who he said attended the campus and popped up on his Tinder feed. Sometimes you're just in a trance and your finger knows nothing besides swiping left and accidentally swipes left on the only right worthy profile you've seen basically ever.

Claudia's profile said she was a Missouri State student, too, and as a public institution, everyone's school email is public record.

'The pictures she provided had some with her friends and her mom in them.

"In her bio she said some of her friends were single and if anyone liked them better that's fine but they couldn't have her mom", he shared. If only all of us on social media could get that ratio, but then again none of us emailed every single girl with one name at a college of over 23,000 students because he accidentally swiped left on Tinder.

That is, been so engrossed in something, while simultaneously swiping left on Tinder, that you make the ultimate in fatal errors and swipe left on someone who may have potentially been The One.

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Moll continued, "I'm just asking, if this is your profile that I described, please message me back with "right" or "left" just so I know if you're interested or not". Usually, you'd forget that mistake and move on, but Hayden Moll did not do that.

'If it's none of you Claudias and you know even more Claudias spread the word please. It would be much appreciated!

Hayden now has 1,404 twitter followers as of this writing, with only five tweets.

You know the scenario - in a fit of being a Picky Pauline, you left-swipe every possible option as you delude yourself into believing the "perfect match" will appear like a star in a cloudy sky.

Femail has contacted Claudia and Hayden for comment.

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