More than 40 People Remain Missing after the Mudslides in California

More than 40 People Remain Missing after the Mudslides in California

More than 40 People Remain Missing after the Mudslides in California

"Realistically we suspect we are going to have the discovery of more people killed in this incident", Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said at a Thursday news briefing, adding that he was hoping to find "miracle" survivors.

Brown also said a 62-year-old man named Delbert Weltzin was found alive by rescue teams; the number of missing people stands at five. He brings the total of missing to seven.

Residents who remained in town on Friday were either seen packing up their cars with clothing and other belongings for their latest evacuation or staying out of sight.

It could include everything from urgent, active missing-persons cases being worked by detectives to calls received from acquaintances saying they hadn't been able to reach someone they believe was in Montecito on Tuesday morning.

"It's not just a wealthy community", DeGeneres said.

"He is in an out-of-area hospital being treated".

"I came around the house and heard a deep rumbling, an ominous sound that I knew was the boulders moving as the mud was rising", he told the AP. "People are trying to locate missing people, it's basically search and rescue right now".

The National Weather Service sent out four wireless emergency alerts in various areas of Santa Barbara County between 2:30 a.m. and noon on Tuesday, spokeswoman Susan Buchanan said.

Sodden hillsides gave way, unleashing a torrent of mud, water, uprooted trees and boulders onto the valley below and causing what the police described as "traumatic injuries" to the victims, who ranged in age from 3 to 89.

"Rebecca was an exceptional woman, and her legacy will continue to live on and thrive through her children, Robert and Julia, her husband Ken Grand, and her namesake firm, Riskin Partners", the firm said on Facebook.

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The Benitez brothers survived.

The Benitez brothers are gardeners.

She says Marilyn Ramos doted on her only child, Kailly. They have now released the names of those who died.

Rescue workers aided by heavy equipment began the long, slow slog on Friday of clearing a massive mudslide from this coastal town as they faced the breadth of the death and destruction.

The huge wildfire that led to this week's devastating debris flows in Montecito, California, is finally 100 percent contained.

The devastation affected an area estimated at 30 square miles, according to Cal Fire.

NeoTract's GoFundMe post says her father and brother are still missing.

The number of confirmed fatalities remains at 17. On Saturday, authorities said during a press conference that the 19th person killed was identified as 25-year-old Morgan Christine Corey, of Montecito. He died with his wife of more than 50 years, Alice.

"Our home has been severely damaged, but we are safe, and so thankful for that and for the first responders who are working tirelessly to save people", he said. Earlier, the Santa Barbara City Fire Department incorrectly reported 48 people were missing, citing a clerical error...

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