Mudslide sweeps auto away; two passengers BARELY escape the vehicle

IMAGE Burbank Firefighters Local 778

IMAGE Burbank Firefighters Local 778

While it isn't clear whether anyone was there in the vehicle or not while watching the clip, according to the reports by ABC News, a man Franklin and his girlfriend were sitting in the auto when the video was shot. "Barely made it out". Franklin said he and his girlfriend looked at each other and "just sat there, speechless".

Hours later, however, Franklin was told the neighborhood might be in danger and was being evacuated.

As reported in the media, Desionne Franklin said, "My girlfriend was screaming at the top of her lungs: 'Go, go, go!" They began packing their things and shoveled about 2 to 4 feet of mud that was caked up in front of the driveway, Franklin said.

"In disaster circumstances there have been many miraculous stories lasting many days and we certainly are searching for a miracle right now", Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said. "I'm like, I'm going but I have no control of the brakes or the steering or anything at that point for a part of the way down".

"When I got halfway down the hill, I just felt this burst of water hit the back of the auto", he told KTLA.

"I love the vehicle now", Franklin said.

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Franklin drove slowly down the steep, curving rode through waves of rock-laden, muddy water.

"One of the cars looked like a wadded up piece of foil paper", he said. "I just wanted to survive and not end up a statistic".

Desionne Franklin says he was afraid it was all over as the Prius careened down Country Club Drive in the Burbank foothills Tuesday.

"Our home has been severely damaged, but we are safe, and so thankful for that and for the first responders who are working tirelessly to save people", Bridges wrote on Twitter.

Burbank firefighters later said they became trapped in the area of Deer Canyon and Sunset Basins as flowing mud made it impossible for residents to leave their homes.

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