New Pokemon GO Community Day Event Kicks Off with a Special Pikachu

Pokemon Go's Newest Timed Event is Bullshit

Pokemon GO Community Day Jan 2018: Special Surf Pikachu

Pikachu will, of course, be the first special event Pokemon featured during Pokemon GO Community Day. If nothing else it's a way to piss off those who have patiently and obediently sunk hours and money in the game, only to realise they're working or on holiday during the THREE HOURS a new type of Pokemon is available. Nevertheless, the developer is pressing on with other PoGO updates for the time being, as it has now announced a brand new event series for the game called "Community Day" that will take place every month.

Each month, Pokemon Go will hold a Pokemon Go Community Day event starring a "special" Pokemon that will pop up for a three hour window. Community Days are planned to take place every month and each will feature a special Pokemon that will be present frequently all over the world for a select number of hours.

The reward for your troubles (and social investment) will be a Pokemon that knows an exclusive move - this could give you the edge in a battle, so you'll want to keep a close eye on it (and perhaps don't turn it into candy at the drop of a hat). Surfing Pikachu is a popular Pokemon first introduced in Pokemon Yellow and was recently brought back as a mini-event prize in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It feels a little like Niantic is trying to recapture the insane initial days of Pokemon Go by encouraging the community out into public spaces to try to capture the special 'mons on the day.

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Please note that each region gets only one window for the Community Day event, so be sure to pay attention to how these times line up with your local timezone. During the event, players will earn double XP.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices. Plus, some of these Community Day Pokemon could add some much needed variety to gyms and the Pokemon Go metagame, which often stagnates in between Pokemon releases.

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