NFC Championship: Eagles vs Vikings - Analyst Pick

In 2016, the journeyman quarterback asked to be released by the Rams and his National Football League future was a haze. No matter how I play, when I go home my wife always loves me and my daughter has no idea what's going on, she just smiles and makes noises. It's not like it was 100 percent but my faith and my guidance and the way I felt like going into that experience allowed me to grow to make me a better player now. "Because if I can't do it with my heart, I can't do it". Even if they were not to win it, even the year before last year when they were on the brink and you could kind of feel the excitement of what was to come, the fans have had their share of heartbreak, but it's one of those deals like this is what they deserve, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these guys who are playing to provide excitement for the fans. In came Pederson, who was looked upon by many as a poor man's Andy Reid.

Cox will play 80 snaps if that's what it takes to dispose of the No. 2 Vikings and reach the Super Bowl for the first time since the 2004 season.

"It wasn't an easy decision", Foles said of ditching the retirement talk. "And when we drafted Carson and then Sam got traded, everyone was shocked".

Right now, the Eagles are grateful, too.

The Eagles are 4-1 since Wentz' injury, but the offense has definitely taken a hit.

A win over the Eagles would not only clinch a trip to the Super Bowl, but it would also be the Vikings' first playoff victory against Philadelphia in four tries. The Eagles aren't a huge blitzing team but they are known for their defensive line pressuring the quarterback. He thinks it's the Vikings year to play in the Super Bowl.

"A Foles versus Keenum NFC Championship so good job to all you guys who predicted that", Keenum joked.

It certainly seemed so when New Orleans scored three touchdowns, aided by an ill-timed Case Keenum pass and a blocked punt. "I was excited to see that we signed him this offseason. We believe in him".

The Vikings will compete against the Philadelphia Eagles, also 13-3, on the Eagles' home turf Sunday, beginning at 5:40 p.m.

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And with the Super Bowl only weeks away, fans are staying positive.

Outside of the ridiculous gang quote that the broker dropped at the end of this segment, here's my other favorite quote:"I would advise you to not be over-inebriated, because Eagles fans will be".

If Foles completes the task, he'll go down as a forever folk hero in a city that is legendarily passionate about its Birds.

Outdueling Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Hawks in the divisional round has turned Foles into a folk hero.

That despite being the top seed in the NFC. In a professional where showing any weakness is often taboo, Foles has been an open book about his personal journey and the struggles along the way.

"There were years I got up all the time so I thought, 'Well, this is dumb.' So now, I put a string on [the brick] so I can retrieve it", she said. Whether they blow out the Vikings or the win comes down to the last play, the Eagles will take their ticket however they can get it. Sure this isn't really a match up as the two kickers will only be on the field for a few plays but due to the evenly matched up teams this game has a good chance of coming down to a late field goal.

Oddsmakers have not been sold on Foles. Maybe you've heard about it? "It's still football at the end of the day and we continue to keep that energy and that comradery in the locker room". They went on to win two more while Jennings played with Minnesota, but he watched the infrastructure of the Vikings change as the team transitioned from Leslie Frazier to Zimmer in 2014.

"A few days ago".

"We're going to slide help over there", Pederson said. If they can accomplish these things, I think Foles and the running game will grind just enough offense to win.

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