'No deal' Brexit could mean 43000 fewer construction jobs

Fears of an abrupt British exit from the bloc have grown as Prime Minister Theresa May struggles to make progress in talks with Brussels about a transition deal and the shape of a future trading relationship

'No deal' Brexit could mean 43000 fewer construction jobs

But this is not a precise forecast, and there remain many factors that could change these scenarios for better or worse - not least the precise details of any deal negotiated with the European Union, or other countries.

He said: "This could very potentially go to no deal". We hear from Europe only backward-looking stuff.

The likes of Poland, Italy and Hungary are calling for a "bespoke" trade deal with the British to ensure trade remains as uninterrupted as possible. Control in the economics and control in the marketplace.

Mr Hammond visited Berlin this week to call for clarity on what the European Union wants from future relations and to make the case for a wide-ranging Brexit deal. This is seen an attempt by the prime minister to demonstrate to the European Union that the country is serious about leaving even if it fails to reach a trade deal.

"As Lord Digby Jones said, this is the century of Asia: this is where trade with China and the rest of Asia is going to be king and key for all economies of the world".

Mayor Sadiq Khan said Britain could lose nearly 500,000 jobs if it failed to agree a trade deal with the European Union.

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The British MEP told EU Reporter that his meeting with Mr Barnier had confirmed the EU negotiator would play a "tough" game during Brexit negotiations - warning the EU would try its best to defend the stability of the European Projects.

"On the contrary, we must re-double our collective effort to ensure that we do not put that hard-earned financial stability at risk - by getting a deal that support collaboration within the European banking sector rather than forcing it to fragment".

Seibert's remarks came in response to a joint article by the UK's Brexit Secretary David Davis and Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond published in Wednesday's German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

"We hear a willingness and enthusiasm in the U.S. and from many other countries around the world to make new trade deals with us", Hammond told Die Welt.

Asked what the United Kingdom could offer in return for access to the EU's single market in services, Hammond told Die Welt: "Every time European firms raise capital through the City of London and do so more cheaply than they could raise it elsewhere in Europe, that makes those businesses that little bit more competitive".

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