No Fire Inspections at California Home Where 13 Kids Were Held Captive

No Fire Inspections at California Home Where 13 Kids Were Held Captive

No Fire Inspections at California Home Where 13 Kids Were Held Captive

If convicted, they face up to life in prison. Curt Harris, a 17-year-old girl escaped from the Perris home, located in the 100 block of Muir Woods Road, and called 911 from a cellphone that had been found inside the house. "They're going to be like him, '" she said.

Ontiveros says no one knew what was happening behind closed doors.

They were also allegedly denied medical and dental health care.

The couple pleaded not guilty to dozens of torture, child abuse, dependent adult abuse and false imprisonment charges after appearing in court in Riverside.

David and Louise Turpin are being held on $9 million bail each.

David Turpin's mother, Betty Turpin, told Reuters on Wednesday that the family has retained an attorney and that they have been advised not to speak about the case.

Officials maintained that law enforcement and Child Protective Services had not visited the home in the past.

"One of the reasons for the punishments were if the children were found to wash their hands above the wrist area, they were accused of playing in the water, and they would be chained up", Hestrin said.

"Circumstantial evidence in the house suggests that the victims were often not released from their chains to go to the bathroom", Hestrin told a press conference.

The Turpins have lived at their home in Perris since about 2014, authorities said, and had previously lived in Marietta, California, and in Texas.

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"Several of the victims have cognitive impairment and neuropathy, which is nerve damage as a result of this extreme and prolonged physical abuse", he said. The eldest victim, a 29-year-old woman, weighs just 82 pounds.

Hestrin says none of the victims were allowed to shower a few times a year. There are indications that the children were allowed outside the house in recent years.

Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin announced Thursday that Louise Anna Turpin, 49, and David Allen Turpin, 57, have been hit with an array of charges, including counts of torture, child abuse, false imprisonment and a lewd act on a child by force, fear or duress.

Their next court appearance was scheduled for February 23.

California investigators say three of the children rescued Sunday were found chained to furniture.

"They were accused of playing in the water and they would be chained up", he said, adding that none of the victims were allowed to shower a few times a year.

Their parents, David and Louise Turpin, were arrested on Monday after their 17-year-old daughter escaped the house and alerted police they were being held against their will.

"As a punishment starting many years ago, they [the children] began to be tied up, first with ropes".

Aunt Elizabeth Jane Flores says she was shut out by her sister's husband, and that she wanted to help their kids.

They added that they're asking for privacy and haven't been able to speak to their son, daughter-in-law or grandchildren.

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