OH teacher accused of telling black student he might be lynched

OHIO     Ohio teacher tells student he'll be lynched     
       The school board requested the boy's mother not discuss the incident in an open meeting

OHIO Ohio teacher tells student he'll be lynched The school board requested the boy's mother not discuss the incident in an open meeting

"He was in class, and the teacher told him that if he didn't get on task his friends are going to form an angry mob and lynch you", said Nathan's mother, Tanisha Agee-Bell.

Agee-Bell contacted the school and had her son removed from Thole's class, but school officials declined to say whether the teacher had faced any disciplinary measures.

"I was just taken aback because I said, 'what you said is actually worse than what he said you said, '" Agee-Bell said. She said the teen had been reluctant to tell her at first because he challenged the teacher's comments as racist and didn't want to get in trouble, according to local station WLWT-TV. Mason Schools spokeswoman Tracey Carson confirmed to the Cincinnati Enquirer that teacher Renee Thole was the shitty individual who threatened a child with racist murder.

"Sometimes we mess up".

According to Fox 19, Tanish Agee-Bell initially brushed off her eighth-grade son's claims that his social studies teacher said something about "lynching" to him during school hours.

According to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), between 1882 and the rise of the civil rights movement almost a century later, more than 3,440 African-Americans were lynched due to their color.

Thole was removed from Nathan's social studies class, Cincinnati.com reported.

Agee-Bell is a member of the Mason school district's diversity council - and has been for more than a decade.

"I told her, 'Next time you're frustrated are you going to call him a n*gger?'" Agee-Bell said.

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The incident involved a student named Nathan and occurred during a December class at a Mason City school.

Thole admitted she had acted out of frustration, and Agee-Bell agrees her son should have been focused on his work - but she said the explanation was completely unsatisfactory.

While Agee-Bell admits her son may have been distracted or talking too much, she feels Thole crossed a line.

But Agee-Bell said she never explained to the largely white class why she was wrong.

"The hardest part is that even though he knows he did nothing wrong, he still is punished because he lost opportunity with his friends", Agee-Bell said. Clearly, that was the case here. "It was fantastic (Nathan) was fearless enough to confront the teacher".

"We have seen an uptick in the number of racially and culturally insensitive comments in our schools and community", Carson wrote in a letter to parents. Sometimes these are said out of genuine ignorance.

"As a district, we want to be very clear, racial slurs or any behavior that discriminates against others are NOT acceptable". Anyone who does so faces disciplinary action.

Agee-Bell said she doesn't allow Nathan to play with Airsoft guns because she fears neighbors will call police, and she blames herself for moving to Mason.

She is now on the Mason district's diversity council.

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