Palestinians Say Egyptian Forces Killed Gaza Fisherman

Mourners carry the body of Abdullah Zeidan a 33-year-old fisherman during his funeral in Gaza City

Mourners carry the body of Abdullah Zeidan a 33-year-old fisherman during his funeral in Gaza City

Palestinian security sources in Gaza said nobody was wounded in the Israeli strike.

Israel "targeted a terror infrastructure using fighter jets in the southern Rafah region, adjacent to the Egypt-Gaza Strip border", an army statement said.

Violent riots raged in the Gaza Strip and across the West Bank as parts remain under military lock down following the shooting of a settler in the Nablus area last week, the Israel Defense Forces reported Friday. Conricus said forces had been monitoring its construction for some time and an imminent attack on Israelis was possible.

The army stated that the tunnel had been identified and destroyed by a combination of advanced technology, intelligence and operational capability.

"(We) now hold a method, an organized system to destroy terror tunnels dug into Israel", he said in an early morning briefing to reporters.

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Hamas initially said a typical smuggling tunnel was destroyed, but had no immediate response to the Israeli announcement.

The military said that it does not intend to bring about an escalation of the situation, but will continue to act against any violation of Israeli sovereignty.

Upon departing to India on a diplomatic mission, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the significance of the operation.

In general, tunnels between Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula are used to transport commercial goods and, in some cases, weaponry into the Strip, as a way to circumvent the Israeli and Egyptian blockade. We have responded to attacks against the State of Israel, which we've done with a highly systematic attack on infrastructure aimed against us. "The message to Gaza's leadership and residents is clear - invest in the sanctity of life and not these burial tunnels", he said. In addition, it could have been used as an attack tunnel to carry out a serious terror attack on the border crossing from the Egyptian side.

The target struck was a tunnel that passed below the Kerem Shalom crossing.

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