Raw Water: To Drink or Not To Drink?

A cool glass of water.
Creative Commons

A cool glass of water. Creative Commons

Raw water, which is spring water that has not been treated or filtered or sterilized in any way, has become a hit in the Bay Area.

Yet The Verge shot down the health benefits of the naturally-occurring minerals and microbes in a report, writing that "the reality for any inadequately treated water from the tap or a spring is that those minerals can sometimes include arsenic, and those microbes can be deadly".

A recent New York Times story shed light on the growing trend of marketing unfiltered, untreated spring water - called "raw water" - as an alternative to drinking tap water. Raw water continues to sell out in San Francisco, where the price of a 2.5-gallon orb has jumped from $36.99 to $60.99 due to insistent demand.

Though Zero Mass has installed Sources everywhere from multimillion-dollar mansions in California to an orphanage in Lebanon, the company's goal is to make clean water easily accessible to more people around the world, according to CEO Cody Friesen. Municipal water systems treat water to kill bacteria, usually with chlorine.

The CDC strongly recommends boiling, filtering or disinfecting water from streams and river before drinking it and calls modern water treatment techniques "One of the Ten Greatest Public Health Achievements of the 20th Century". "It makes up 70% of me so it must be important!" and "Nothing feeds the soul more than filling up water fresh from the womb of the earth ... untouched by hands but touched & blessed by the powers of the Mount Shasta's Mountains".

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See the FDA's guidelines for bottled water here.

One of the major reasons for raw water being a unsafe trend is that human bodies over a long period of time have got used to treated water and the immunity against even less risky bacteria has decreased considerably.

There's a reason the government has Food and Drug Administration water regulations: filtration removes harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites that may be in any water source.

Raw food advocates have been expounding the health benefits of a "raw" diet for a long time, but now there is another "raw" fad that has come into existence and it is not a food. He told the New York Times that "real water" should also expire after a few months. If you still want to have it run off your dirty roof and into your mouth you can do that, but the modern world does what it can to prevent foodborne illnesses.

But tap water doesn't have that special something; "In the community of tap-water skeptics, many talk about water the way others might about fine wine". But spring water can contain lots of other things, like Guardia or e.coli. Other conspiracy theories claim that the chemicals added in tap water, like fluoride, are a means of "mind control", and so on. "And I feel good drinking it".

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