Researchers find that ibuprofen tablets affect men's fertility

Popping ibuprofen could make your balls shrivel

Researchers find that ibuprofen tablets affect men's fertility

The lower concentration of testosterone in women causes more a more womanly shape and a generally less aggressive personality.

Clinically, this condition is called "compensated hypogonadism"-"hypogonadism" because the body probably isn't producing testosterone at the appropriate rate, and "compensated" because other hormones have kicked in and gotten testosterone levels to increase. As mentioned above, we're not sure if the compensated hypogonadism is reversible after long-term use, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Dr Allan Pacey of the University of Sheffield said that the effects of over the counter painkillers such as Ibuprofen has been of increasing interest in recent years. Speaking to CNN, he said at this point, it is not known whether the effects from long-term use of ibuprofen are reversible and more research needs to happen in this area. They were assigned to take ibuprofen or a placebo two doses in a day for six weeks.

Based on the results, researchers don't recommend taking ibuprofen for longer than the 10 days it says on the packet.

At the same time, the ratio of testosterone to luteinising hormones decreased, which is a sign of dysfunctional testicles.

In addition to producing sperm, the testicles secrete testosterone, the primary male sex hormone.

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'Concern has been raised over increased male reproductive disorders in the Western world and the disruption of male hormones has been suggested to play a central role. "This study should give pause for thought to sportsmen using them routinely for exercise-induced aches and pains". And in men with naturally lower fertility, the effects could be even worse.

Compensated hypogonadism is a condition linked to male infertility, the study explains. So not only is the shrinking of your balls concerning on a personal level, it could also suggest you're going to die earlier.

Like most scientific studies that receive immediate media hype, take this one with a grain of salt.

Now, before you panic, there's no suggestion yet that occasionally relying on an ibuprofen will make your balls shrivel up and die.

Ibuprofen subjects were given 600 mg twice a day, or the equivalent of three pills. "Because of the significant public health implications of these results, research on the causes of this continuing decline is urgently needed", the authors said.

Jiri Dvorak, the former chief medical officer of FIFA, warned in March 2017 of an alarming trend of painkiller use, notably Ibuprofen, among football players, as the drug does affect doping tests, The Guardian reported.

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