Russian man smashes military transporter into store to steal wine

The desperate drinker didn't park his unusual choice of transport in the car park

The desperate drinker didn't park his unusual choice of transport in the car park

In perhaps the biggest ever sign of a serious drinking problem, a man in Russian Federation rammed a stolen armored personnel carrier into a grocery store to steal a bottle of wine.

A drunken man was detained after stealing an armored personnel carrier and crashing it into a supermarket in northwestern Russian Federation on January 10, police said.

What we probably wouldn't do, however, is steal a snow-covered tank from a military training organisation and then ram-raid it into the side of a supermarket in order to steal said bottle.

He also crushed a vehicle parked nearby, images showed.

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Russian police say that a drunken man has commandeered an armored vehicle and crashed it into a store's window in northwestern Russia, hurting no one.

Footage shared on social media showed the man subsequently exiting the vehicle through its hatch, briefly inspecting the damage, and entering the shop through the broken window.

Onlookers didn't seem particularly concerned about the sight of a military machine on the sidewalk.

Here, he chose to jump out of the vehicle and into the shop to steal a bottle of wine, the local online reports. I had to laugh when it was pointed out that the shop was not licensed to sell alcohol at the time of the accident. He reportedly didn't resist arrest.

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