Swiss Can't Stick Live Lobsters in Boiling Water Anymore

The Swiss government ruled that lobsters cannot be thrown into boiling water while alive

Swiss insist on stunning lobsters before cooking

The government banned the practice of boiling live lobsters amid concerns the creatures might be able to experience pain.

And Switzerland isn't on the coast anyway, so you probably shouldn't eat lobsters there as they'll have been in a van for a day before getting there and the meat will be all tense from the journey.

Lobsters may not really scream when you boil them - they don't possess vocal cords - but research shows they can feel pain, and Switzerland's government made a decision to do something about the common culinary practice of boiling lobsters alive.

Neighboring Italy's highest court ruled in June that lobsters must not be kept on ice in restaurants because it causes them unjustifiable suffering before they head for death by fine dining.

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The Swiss are not alone in trying to protect lobsters from what activists call cruel treatment in the kitchen. The crustaceans will have to be "stunned" first, either via electric shock or the "mechanical destruction" of the lobster's brain, per Radio Television Suisse.

The government also ordered the live crustaceans to be transported in their natural habitat and not on ice or icy water.

Organisers of public events featuring animals will also be directly responsible for their welfare when the new rules take effect, the government order said. Animal behavior researcher Robert Elwood doesn't agree. The government said the crustaceans must be "stunned" before being boiled.

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