Taylor Swift concert ticket sales 'a mega disappointment'


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Fans are balking at purchasing tickets for Taylor Swift's Reputation tour given the high price tag attached to the seats.

She has now scheduled another show at the Linc on Friday, July 13.

While none of the tour dates have appeared to sell out yet, Taylor's team anticipated this and are using the slow-ticketing method this time around.

Sources now tell Billboard each show on the tour is forecast to sell between $7.5 million and $10 million worth of tickets. Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament testified before Congress that it was an unfair business practice and the band tried (and ultimately failed) to book a tour only in venues that didn't rely on Ticketmaster to book sets, because they didn't want their fans to have to pay more than around $20 for concert tickets. Fans who register and have been verified via Taylor Swift Tix will receive priority access.

Reputation was the biggest-selling album of 2017 and the tour is shaping up to be far from ill-attended, so the Post's headline, "Taylor Swift's Reputation tour shaping up to be a disaster", is a little much.

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Philadelphia isn't the only city getting an additional Swift concert. While the practice does shift spending toward the artist, several ticketing professionals say they are concerned about how Swift's high ticket prices will affect consumers. The cheapest is at $160 apiece for Swift's show at the NRG Stadium in Houston on September 29 and another costs $230.

While many markets have moved up to two nights, E. Rutherford and Foxboro have upped the ante to three nights hosting Taylor. After all, her most recent 1989 tour was completely sold out in minutes in 2015.

Even though ticket sales for the tour have been below par, Swift is still going to make a ton of money.

Swift's reputation took a hit in 2016 after it was alleged she lied about giving Kanye West permission to call her a "b*tch" in a song, her album Reputation still garnered excellent sales - so it is unlikely this is the rationale for the poor ticket sales.

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