This Super Mario 64 hack gives Mario a dizzying first-person perspective

This Super Mario 64 hack gives Mario a dizzying first-person perspective

Modder Creates 'Super Mario 64' Romhack That Allows Players to Experience the Game in First-Person

The game was created using the New Super Mario Bros. It was also a fun game from my childhood that I would spend hours upon hours playing. The game has been hacked to hell and back to allow players to do some pretty insane things with the game, but this latest one lets you get a taste of what first-person mode would look like.

A number of fans have banded together to create a soft sequel to New Super Mario Bros DS. "With how elaborate Mario's animations are, this results in a challenging romhack". By taking the complex camera system and cramming it entirely inside Mario's head (you can still shift the view ever so slightly using the C buttons), Emanuar's latest project makes the game feel completely different without changing much at all.

Nintendo is far too busy cranking out top notch titles for the Switch and 3DS to worry about updating a decade old Mario game for the DS. Emanuar notes that the encounters with Bowser get especially wonky since one moment you're staring at a giant, spiky green shell and the next you're spinning around tossing an invisible King Koopa.

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While typically Nintendo doesn't respond in a positive manner to these types of fan projects and nearly always requests that they be taken down, it's still an impressive testament to what fans can do when they use their own tools and creativity to harness their love for a certain series and their desire to see more from it.

The video below goes into more detail about how it all works and shows off some gameplay for viewers to see what Mario is looking at. Would you play it and try it out?

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