Trump Is In Excellent Health, Says White House Doctor

President Donald Trump speaks during an event to honor the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on Friday at the White House.

On Friday, the American president tweeted that the language which he used during the meeting with lawmakers to discuss immigration legislation, has been "tough" but he added that the words used against him, were "not the language used".

"I don't know how to break this to you, but I think the president might be racist", Noah said.

"Sir, they're not shithole countries".

Sen. Dick Durbin of IL, the only Democrat in the room, said Trump had indeed said what he was reported to have said. "Our AU Presidents must respond strongly to this insult", he tweeted. DACA protects from deportation the almost 800,000 immigrants brought to the country illegally as children. Durbin thought it would just be the senators and Trump in the room. The remarks, Durbin said, were "vile, hate-filled and clearly racial in their content".

President Jovenel Moise led a ceremony in Port-au-Prince on Friday to mark the eighth anniversary of Haiti's devastating quake, sidelining alleged remarks made by President Donald Trump that reportedly described the Caribbean country as a "shithole".

Trump previous year ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which provided protection from deportation along with the ability to work legally in the U.S. He gave Congress until March to come up with a legislative fix.

"Africans and Haitians come from "shithole" countries?"

The president suggested that instead, the USA should allow more entrants from countries like Norway. The White House did not deny them.

"What Trump is doing has popped up periodically, but in modern times, no president has been so racially insensitive and shown outright disdain for people who aren't white", said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian.

Paul G. Altidor, Haiti's ambassador to the United States, said Haitian officials "vehemently condemn" Trump's comments, which he said were based on stereotypes. He has said Mexican immigrants were "bringing crime" and were "rapists".

Both Senator's Perdue and Tom Cotton (R-AK) said in a statement Friday that "we do not recall the president saying these comments specifically".

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Commenting on the White House meeting, Graham said on Friday that diversity had always been the United States' strength.

I could write a passionate rebuttal extolling all the virtues of Haiti, the island my parents are from, the first free black nation in the Western Hemisphere.

The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to publicly describe the conversation.

"The Africa we know and live in is one that is recovering economically and rising", it added.

Trump has spoken positively about Haitians in public.

The agreement that Durbin and Sen. Trump said, according to Washington Post.

Mr Trump announced on Thursday he would not be visiting London to open the new $1bn (728.6m) embassy in Nine Elms, Battersea, in south London, next Tuesday because it was a bad deal.

The U.S. president is hurting himself both at home and overseas with his latest comments, some Africans said. It was unclear why the four Republicans were there, and the session did not produce the results the two senators were hoping for. In George W. Bush's first exam as president, his doctor said he enjoyed the occasional cigar, drank diet soda and ran 12 miles a week.

"How do six people bind the other 94 in the Senate?"

"That's not something I want to talk about", former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said.

Trump was widely derided a year ago after twice referring to Namibia as "Nambia" at the September meeting.

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