Trump touts 'economic success' in Women's March tweet

"It was exhilarating", said Bingham.

They say after D.C., thousands more women gathered locally for organizing meetings.

Outside Washington, one of the biggest demonstrations on Saturday unfolded in NY.

But it was his perceived attitude and statements toward women during his campaign and before, including an audiotaped conversation in which Trump bragged about kissing and grabbing women "by the pussy", that was the focus of many marchers past year who carried a message of female empowerment.

Sara Bingham, wearing a red scarf, went to Washington for the 2017 march.

In Halifax, where a primary march took place in the morning, transgender and other activists walked through the event wafting pink smoke over the crowd before congregating at a separate event elsewhere in the city.

"This march is even different from the last one, because of the #MeToo movement and the spotlight on sexual assault victims", Vargas said. At least 40 are planned from coast to coast to coast.

This year, the official Women's March will be held in Las Vegas on January 21st, 2018.

"It created this massive groundswell of everyday people who wouldn't normally be political to get involved", said Geyer. Expect traffic delays are people head to the rallies.

"No, now we're serious", Mark said.

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Ottawa resident Catherine Butler had never been politically active.

"Women are scared to speak and because I was vilified by everything I said, I was called a prostitute for being raped", she said at the rally. "Last year, I just felt kind of angry and impassioned". She said Trump's election led to her decision to walk away from a job where she prosecuted large corporate tax cases. "We realized how powerful this thing could be". According to the Center for Disease Control, murder rates are highest among non-Hispanic black women and Indigenous women.

"I am always introduced as an award-winning actor but my testimony is one of poverty, my testimony is one of being sexually assaulted and very much seeing a childhood that was robbed from me".

"Beautiful weather all over our great country, a flawless day for all Women to March", Trump wrote.

Women's March Santa Cruz: Saturday, Jan. 20 from 12 5:30 p.m. Campaign schools are also being organized in various cities to prepare women to run.

Although March On's strategy differs from that of Women's March, which organised the iconic Washington protest and remains focused on social justice issues, experts say this is unlikely to undermine the movement's long-term effectiveness. "The largest consideration is going to be traffic", Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief Michel Moore said Friday.

Some celebrities, including actress Alyssa Milano, who was the one to launch the viral hashtag #MeToo on Twitter, emboldening women to share their experiences of sexual harassment, are among Trump's vocal critics.

"The Swiss have a deep love of American ideals", she said. A full list of expected speakers can be found here. The idea is to support future leaders who will help shape the city, Dogra said.

"I want equal pay", her 11-year-old daughter, Xenaya, chimed in. While some protesters said they were concerned by the rhetoric of the new president and wanted to send a message to the government, others claimed that the marches shouldn't be considered anti-Trump but rather as an attempt to bring human rights issues to the light.

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