United States says it will announce specific actions against Pakistan this week

Pakistan       by Mahmood Idrees | Published

Pakistan by Mahmood Idrees | Published

Meanwhile, the White House today said that it would announce specific actions against Pakistan this week to force it to crack down on terrorists on its soil.

"After a detailed discussion, the Cabinet agreed to grant only 30 days' extension for Proof of Registration (POR) and also decided that the issue of early repatriation of Afghan refugees shall be raised with the United Nations high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) and with the worldwide community", the statement added.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Wednesday chaired a meeting in Islamabad of the federal Cabinet, which debated the proposal.

According to reports, the NSC meeting was briefed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Pakistan's diplomatic efforts, while the Director General Military Operations also briefed on the efforts taken in the fight against terrorism.

After the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in the United States, Washington forged a strategic alliance with Islamabad to help in its fight against extremists.

On Monday, Trump claimed that the USA had given Pakistan $33 billion, but got no cooperation in return, a statement rejected by Islamabad.

Her remarks came a day after President Donald Trump accused Pakistan of lying to and deceiving the United States despite receiving billions in foreign aid. He added that there is a difference between facts and fiction. "No more!" he tweeted on Monday.

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'The contacts with Russian Federation after Trump's statements are encouraging.

The Corps Commanders also reviewed the geo-strategic environment and internal security situation.

Syed Khursheed Shah criticized the government over anti Pakistan statements by American President saying that it's a failure for incumbent government as it could not appoint Foreign Minister during the last four years.

The Indian-American diplomat said the aid issue was connected exclusively to Pakistan's harbouring of terrorists.

Last month, during a visit to Afghanistan, Vice President Mike Pence had issued a warning to the country, saying Trump had "put Pakistan on notice" that it has provided a "safe haven" for terrorist groups.

Ambassador David Hale was asked to go to the foreign office in the Pakistani capital on Monday night, after Islamabad responded angrily to the US President's allegations that it provided safe havens for militants in the latest spat to rock their alliance. "The US should find out the elements which are aiming at deteriorating the US-Pakistan cooperation", he said. "He [Trump] was working on the agenda of Pakistan's enemies". The Trump administration has also been indecisive in how it will treat relations with Islamabad and how it will pursue the war in Afghanistan. "70,000 people have been killed in the war which had nothing to do with Pakistan".

Since he became President of the United States in January 2017, Donald Trump has caused a huge amount of controversy, much of which has stemmed from his regular outrageous Twitter comments.

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