Dark Mode Could Finally Be Coming To Android P

Dark Mode Could Finally Be Coming To Android P

Dark Mode Could Finally Be Coming To Android P

What we *have* added in a future Android release is a developer-facing setting (via Developer Options) to toggle the -night UI mode qualifier, which will make it easier for developers to create and test apps that implement night mode.

The iOS operating system doesn't offer any kind of customization so as to provide a more stable experience while Android is always versatile to meet users' needs but it may not include a dark mode, after all, going by what Google said now. An Android user needed this feature and went to Android's Issue Tracker website and requested this feature back in November 2017.

For developers, it looks like a nightmare as it would affect every app available on Android and will also make it extremely hard to maintain the materialistic design when the dark mode is switched on. According to Google, this was a "miscommunication with the team". The team also informed that the aforementioned qualifier has been a part of Android since Android Froyo and was made globally modifiable since Marshmallow.

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If there's one feature that people have consistently been clamoring for from Android, it's dark mode. It's probably safe to say that after all the previous claims that dark mode was finally arriving, plus this latest and cruelest mistake, Android users will only believe it when they see it.

Google also made a tongue-in-cheek revelation that they will also not be adding the Hot Dog mode where all the UI elements will be yellow and red. Last year, we saw that the 10th anniversary of Android OS was celebrated by Google and Android 8.0 Oreo, the latest version of Android was launched. Android P won't be coming with system-wide support for dark mode, instead, what it will come with is a setting in the Developer Options that would allow app developers to test apps that implement night mode.

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