Democrat Good Rolls To An Upset Win In Sarasota Special Election

People are defecting from the GOP. But not to the Democrats

Will Mullery CNN

A Democrat has won a Florida House special election in a legislative district that Republican President Donald Trump carried in 2016. After the exciting victory here at home Tuesday night, good drove to Tallahassee early Wednesday morning to start serving District 72.

In recent weeks, Republicans have said their midterm chances were improving as Trump's approval rating rose and the generic congressional ballot tightened. The 72nd is considered a swing district, although Republicans outnumber Democrats by some 13,000 voters. It's also suburban and more than 90% white, according to Ballotpedia, making it fertile ground for Republican candidates.

The seat opened up last summer when Republican Rep. Alex Miller resigned, citing family and business reasons.

The win is the latest for Democrats, who've captured Trump-leaning territory across the country, from Wisconsin to New Hampshire to Missouri to Virginia to Washington.

"The voting-method results point to cross-over votes from Republicans", Matthew Isbell, a Florida campaign strategist, said in an analysis piece on the results. "Its. likely GOP women were the source of these defections".

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"While this big Democratic victory should put the elder Buchanan on notice, he can not undo his steadfast support for the House Republican agenda that puts the very rich and biggest corporations first, and middle class Sarasotans last", Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesperson Cole Leiter said in a statement. A majority of them, 42 percent, are Republicans.

On Twitter, Republican consultant Anthony Pedicini referred to the election as a Republican "revolt" against the Republican mantra, as opposed to a wave in favor of Good. She beat the Republican by 7 percentage points in a district that President Trump won two years ago by a 5-point margin. "The voters have spoken". And they kept up during an early and absentee voting period that saw an unnaturally high turnout for a special election, besting Democrats as a party by almost 200 votes.

These wins show how committed Democrats are to turning out against Trump right now across the country, a factor that's unlikely to change before this November's midterm elections and a sign that at least one of the factors for a large wave election is firmly in place.

The result: a remarkably high 36 percent voter turnout in a typically low-yield special election, and another victory. But most real elections from the past year - as well as big gubernatorial wins in Virginia and New Jersey and Democrats' shocking win in an Alabama Senate race - suggest Democrats are set up to win big next fall.

"I want to thank everyone who supported this campaign". It would not have been possible without the thousands of individuals, who like me, have had enough of the divisiveness that permeates Tallahassee and gave of their time, money and talent.

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