Google's Project Fi now supports more than 170 global destinations

Project Fi new global roaming rules kill wild data bills

Google's Project Fi now supports more than 170 global destinations

New countries on the list include Morocco, Nigeria, Monaco, Guam, Georgia, Sierra Leone, Belize, and Madagascar.

In order to help Fi customers prior to a trip, Google will proactively send an alert to the user through the Project Fi app, letting the user know if the country is covered, and what the going rate is for voice calls. If your Gmail account includes messages (maybe from your airline) about an upcoming worldwide trip, it'll now automatically notify you if your Fi account will work at your destination. Odds are that Project Fi now has you canvassed in the majority of them. And if you need some extra data when you travel, don't sweat it-your data is still just $10 per GB or free with built-in Bill Protection. The rest of the plan is the same and works like it does in the USA, and you'll still get unlimited texting and 20 cents per minute phone calls.

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Planning for an worldwide trip can be tough, especially when it comes to planning for phone coverage, but Google's efforts to not only support a variety of global locations, but also let you know ahead of time if you're covered, should help quite a bit.

But, as always, the catch to Project Fi is that it only works on a very short list of phones, namely the entire Pixel line, the Moto X4 and Android One Moto X4, the Nexus 6, the Nexus 6P, and the Nexus 5X. You'll receive a notification in your Project Fi app shortly before your trip that allows you to easily see your coverage options and costs. Any Gmail messages related to such travel will be tagged with a Project Fi notification regarding that destination.

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